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It’s awesome how much I’ve gotten to see simply by going to soccer matches. I’ve gotten to see a whole lot more of the US and even parts of England/Scotland/Ireland just because I have had a desire to go see a soccer match regardless of who is playing.  My next goal is to go see any MLS team play, hopefully somewhere out west.

julierulestheworld asked:

okay good good. I AMSO GLAD THAT YOU SECOND MY POST! ughughgughgughguhgughgughgughughgguhgu tbh I was soooo pissed. I just don't understand why they played so bad, like there was just so many gaps between the players, nobody was rushing anyone, people weren't passing to actual people, like I swear to god I thought that there was some mysterious ghost life force that the Madrid players were passing to, literally there was NOBODY there. godgodogodogd did you go to the game? or did you watch online

I went to it. I’m pretty sure it’s mainly because they were already out of the tournament, no one wants to really strain themselves before the supercopa and these ICC matches are basically just a shirt selling event for the big clubs.  Still though, tickets were hella expensive and when 109,000 people show up to see you, there at least needs to be some motivation.  Isco was basically nonexistant and he can’t really function in the flase 9 role he was placed in. And to top things off it seemed as if Carvajal wanted to be in Man U’s box attacking more than his own defending.


I AM SO FUCKING PISSED. Does madrid just not give a single fuck? Are half of them hung over? Do they want to even bloody be here? I AM SO FUCKING PISSED!!! I PAID OVER 200 DOLLARS TO WATCH THIS BLOODY GAME AND MADRID DOEST EVEN WANT TO TRY?!!! For the exception of Bale who is literally probably the only one who is not hung over, this may be the shittiest game that madrid has played in a while.

Seconded, this did not go unnoticed. Not a single fuck was given by anyone on the RM side.

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