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"Everyone sees the underwear commercials, the girlfriends and the cars but, trust me, his work ethic is incredible. On the ball, in the gym, eating the right food. Every day after training it was always the same. [MUFC training ground] Carrington is so big, there are acres and acres, so the perimeter is massive. But he would just go out after training and dribble the ball in the rain – doing his step-overs, the ‘Cruyff’ turns, all the things you see on television. He hadn’t honed his free-kick (style) back then, that came later. But he’d run with the ball at his feet around the whole perimeter, working on his own….It is no surprise that this is how he has ended up. Not everyone does that. He is incredible." 

Tim Howard on Cristiano Ronaldo.

(Source: heybelinda)

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